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Yoga for Grounding (Root Cakra Healing)


This course includes: 1 x 15 minute INTRO and SOMATIC TOOLS video to reveal the depth and importance of this journey 1 x 15 minute MANTRA PRACTICE and BODY-BASED healing video to connect with your innate healing system 1 x 1hr DYNAMIC Yogasana Class video to be present to your personal body story and explore it deeper 1 x 30 minute MEDITATION and PRANAYAMA video to guide you home to the body 1 x 10 minute 'On-the-go' GROUNDING audio recording to support you in anchoring whenever and wherever you may be Each video is designed for you to practice each flow and learning along with me. In this course I take you through the foundations of body attunement, through the lens of yoga wisdom, with grounding, root cakra tools & practices. This allows us to create sustainable, body-based support for our stress, anxiety and lack of emotional ease. This yoga course explores asana (movement), pranayama (breath), mantra (vocals) and dharana (focus) as well as relevant embodiment theory that bring about grounding in the body. Drawn from the decolonised system of yoga and somatic awareness this course taps in deeply to our root chakra - to build safety, steadiness and stability physically and emotionally. This ensures that we have the tools and awareness to bring ourselves out of stress, and into ease, in any given situation.

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