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You'll be guided by my voice through 10 minutes of stillness in which I'll lead you through a powerful interoception technique I've arranged to help you build body awareness and emotional balance. This meditation, like much of my teaching, draws on yogic philosophy I've found most compelling, as well as somatic techniques of Dr Peter Levine (Somatic Experiencing™) and Dr Rae Johnson (Embodied Oppression expert). 

In this inward-focus recording, we'll be utilising a yogic breath or pranayama, layered with some somatic practices, and enveloped in my own medicine words!

I'm hugely passionate about these techniques benefiting our daily routines which is why this gift is for you to use unlimited times - and to do it daily if you feel moved to.


Our nervous system regulation plays a key role in our emotional regulation and uprooting the trauma we embody. Vagal toning is one way to support our nervous system in 'bouncing back' from stress and disregulation caused by anxiety or intense emotion. Through a soul lens, we are supporting the plasma body/emotional body to mooove and flow like water through our e-motions (energy in motion!), rather than becoming stagnant. Tapping into vagal toning techniques is something I deliver in my classes, so enjoy this taster of what I offer!

Here are some known benefits:









I also attribute the following benefits to this practice:








Before you hit record, I invite you to put some headphones (wired ones preferably to avoid any unnecessary EMF radiation) to receive the sound experience fully. This recording is best enjoyed on a moderately empty stomach (not straight after a heavy meal) and in a cosy, peaceful environment (be in your sacred space arranged with cleanliness, warmth, nice smells, low light and tactile comfort!). 


All you have to do is scroll down, fill out your email and you'll be able to access to my newsletter where I keep you updated and send out offers and gifts. Alternatively, you can also join my Telegram group where send out free and discounted offerings to those who want it, including meditations, somatic practices, yoga session & course discounts, and more. You can leave at any time if it's not your vibe.

Fill out your email address below and you'll be emailed the downloadable audio meditation.


If you love it, drop me a DM or email! I would love to hear how it went for you or any other questions you have.

Lots of love!

Tejal xx


Increased body awareness and inner-standing


Greater sense of peace and control over one's experience


Heightened intuition


Greater heart-connection and heart-openness


Greater focus and centredness

Hi, love! Thank you for visiting my site to receive your free gift! 

I've recorded something a little special that only takes 10 minutes to do! You will be able to keep it and listen to it as many times as you like.


Check your mail!



Encourages the body to move from high adrenaline, fight/flight/freeze/fawn, anger, fear, depressive or anxious to engaged, grounded, compassionate, mindful, safe & secure.


Encourages lower blood pressure, healthy heart rate, and healthy digestion, and lowers inflammation.*

* Please acknowledge that I am not providing medical advice, or diagnosing or treating any condition you may have.

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