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Step into your personal power, Self-Sovereignty & soul-Led creations

Embodied Mentorship: A Sacred Journey with Tejal 



Tejal is a decolonised, trauma-aware embodiment guide

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You are READY to be authentically expressed and know the world deserves your authenticity. No more hiding or holding back on all that you wish to be. 

You've had a taste of the medicine & wisdom within, and now you are ready to lead with it. You know the answers to your body-mind don't lie outside of you. Now is the time to walk forward with your unshakeable wisdom at the core of all you do. I will walk with you on this path.

We can't heal in the same environment we got sick in. You seek the healing balm of colonial capitalism through a connection that can meet you in all your dimensions. This space is for that.

You seek a radically new way of being and it seeks you. Now is the time to break generational cycles, dissolve limiting beliefs & behaviours, and receive euphoric revelations about your beautiful life.  


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6 x 2hr Embodied Mentorship video calls - somatic-based sessions curated to your unique journey of unbecoming and remembering

2 x 2hr Integration video calls where we ground, integrate & synthesise

6 'Divesheet' Booklets for self-led inquiry

£1,100 value

£400 value

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6 Somatic or Inward Focus guided recordings to step into EPIC levels of body-connection

£200 value

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1 x Personal Whole Self Blueprint designed from your gene keys & Oracle insight (recording + A3 sheet)

£100 value

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A Personal Portal to store all Mentorship material plus personal check-ins and custom curated content

£200 value

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Access to me via Telegram for the whole 8 weeks


Journeying with me means you will receive my years of trauma-aware training and personal wisdom, wealth of experience in coaching and facilitation (from the corporate world to the decolonised community), and critical somatic lens of the body; as well as over a decade of personal spiritual & mystic study & integration.

  • Aligning your emotional body, nervous system and mind to receive and create your dreams, projects & visions (because this is so key to feeling SAFE enough to TRUST)

  • Disentangling your Truth from ancestral, limiting or oppressive stories and belief systems


  • Giving yourself the LIFE-LONG tools to support & nourish yourself without a guru, guide or healer - bringing alive your internal wisdom-holder

  • Feeling your authenticity & worthiness to the highest degree by stepping into radically wild & mature leadership


All materials, documents & recordings are accessed via your personal Portal on this site, alongside meaningful check-ins & curated resources to support you through each week.

The whole 8-week Embodied Mentorship investment (excluding  your time and energy in this journey), is valued at over £2000, but is available for £912 only

Before we invest in eachother, let's make sure we are the perfect fit. This is a chance for you to receive some FREE somatic-based mentorship, and I receive some research and development by interviewing you.

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