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Dissolve victimhood, cultivate radical trust, and embrace your authentic self. No matter your past, are you ready to remother yourself from the inside out?

Unleash your radiant power

Are you:
  • Exhausted from constantly putting others' needs ahead of your own?

  • Struggling to break free from the chains of people-pleasing?

  • Resentful of past pain and traumas that hold you back?

  • Afraid of stepping into your power and taking responsibility?

  • Unsure how to fulfill your service to humanity?

  • Feeling powerless in your career, relationships, or life?

  • Blocked from fully receiving financially, emotionally, relationally, and in terms of pleasure?

This is for you:

This self-paced, transformative program is designed exclusively for women ready to leave these behind and step boldly into their authentic power.

Join now for free for the first three days, and gain exclusive access to over 25 modules filled with practical exercises, audio activations, and insightful teachings. 

Soma Linguistics: Explore the language of your body and harness its untapped potential through:

  • 5+ engaging modules on somatic awareness

  • Practical exercises to enhance communication between body and mind


Your Inner Authority: Embrace your holy trinity and embody your inner queen:

  • 6+ illuminating modules to connect with your intuition, emotions, and intellect

  • Develop your inner masculine, feminine and child with practical step-by-step exercises

Heart Coherence: Balance your shadow and integrate your inner light:

  • 4+ empowering modules to recognize and address unconscious patterns

  • Regular heart coherence audio activations to promote emotional balance and mental clarity

Moreover, delve into additional resources tailored to your needs, including:

  • Interactive activities to magnetise your visions

  • A series of breathwork and movement practices guided by Tejal herself

  • Insights into pelvic floor health, hip flexibility, jaw alignment, and fascial wellbeing

  • Keys of Discernment to help navigate a society that challenges our sovereignty

  • And much more!

What you'll learn

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Community connection from the Sororitas

Temple access grants you exclusive membership to the Sororitas - a vibrant, growing sisterhood of like-minded women all dedicated to this same journey of personal growth, emotional intelligence, and the exploration of womanhood or motherhood.

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Continuously expanding content library

New modules, workshops, and resources are added regularly to ensure your learning never stops.

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Live monthly calls with Tejal

Our founder, Tejal Prettyman, hosts regular live calls to answer your questions, offer guidance, and share her wealth of knowledge and expertise.

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A unique self-healing journey

Through a combination of mindset tools, proven somatic techniques and holistic science, you'll learn to speak the language of your body, strategise your visions and tap into your deepest desires.

 Sign up for a complimentary 3-day trial today and begin unlocking the secrets to radical self-empowerment



The journey back to the Mother awaits...

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