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Welcome to The Temple of Remothering

Because no one taught you how to lead from the healthy feminine; and the world needs you in all your Matriarchal glory.

You're probably used to

Using reason and over-thinking to navigate your career and relationships.

Finding it challenging to separate others' narratives from your own.

Neglecting your self-expression and care to take care of and/or please others.

Service Name

Service Name

Service Name

But your womanhood is meant to be

Led by your body awareness.

Sovereign, autonomous, intuitive.

Self-nurtured in order to be of deep service.

- Join the growing collective -

Start trusting in your whole self 

In the Temple, we explore:

Somatic Awareness

Develop a deeper connection with your mind, spirit and body with powerful somatic techniques.

Nervous System Toning

Recognise the patterns of wounding & regulation in your own body, so that no matter what you feel at home in your body.

Reparenting Ourselves

Actualise the masculine & feminine dynamics within you & awaken your inner child again fully.

Rising out of Victimhood

Learn the depth of power dynamics that exist within you and in your relationships, so you can come back to true connection.

Ancestral and Intergenerational Trauma

Alchemise the stories of the past & allow yourself to see the benign present and the hopeful, abundant future.

Womb Healing

Reconnect with your creative & expressive centre, alchemise grief and allow yourself to experience pleasure fully.

What you receive
The Temple of Remothering
Other somatic healing courses
A monthly-updated sub-portal of bonus resources in everything from sovereign law resources to herbalism

Access to our private Temple of the Solar Mother community

Monthly Group Calls focused on a specific module on Google Meet

Video and audio guides in powerful somatic healing techniques

Over 30 modules worth of course content

Comprehensive accountability workbooks, tools and check-ins

A balanced teaching of both the masculine and the feminine from Eastern Mysticism

A personal membership portal on this site to access all course content, community and more


Absolutely FREE for the trial period


From a 1:1 client who diligently used the content:

"I have been able to grieve with my whole self and feel held in a way I did not know was possible before."

Course Overview

New content added monthly to each module

Soma Linguistics™ - The Language of the Body

  • Activating the Internal Ebook and video 

  • Soma Linguistics™ Audio Activations

  • The Body Whole workbook

  • Womb Homecoming seminar

  • Heart-Centred Pleasure workbook

Your Inner Authority - The Holy Trinity

  • Whole Self Homecoming workbook

  • Your Ancestral Constellation workbook 

  • Self-Initiation into the Mother workbook

  • Actualising Your Guiding Light workbook

  • Coming into Self-Alignment workbook 

  • Inner Authority Audio Activations

  • The Holy Trinity seminar

Heart Coherence - Integrate the Shadow

  • Knowing the Inner Coloniser workbook

  • Enlivening Our Wounds workbook

  • Heart Coherence Audio Activations

  • Integrating Your Inner Masculine seminar

The Mandir - Breath & Movement with Tejal

  • Resonance Breath - Heart Rate Variability Training

  • Drishti Stimulation & EMDR 

  • Pelvic Floor Healing, Hypopressive & Kriya

  • Hip Flexibility & Strengthening

  • Jaw & Throat Awakening

  • Fascia, The Core of Feeling 

Keys of Discernment

  • The Wisdom of the Fool

  • The Body Astrology: Mapping the Stars Accurately

  • Women Are Nation Builders: Sovereign Law

  • Returning to the Mama Medicine: Herbal Healing


Yes! I am ready to come home to my true expression!

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